Why Choose Organic Mushrooms?

Why Choose Organic Mushrooms?

This month we are celebrating Organic September. Organic September is a campaign the Soil Association run every September to raise awareness about organic produce and products. We are proud to offer organic mushrooms. All our Mushroom supplements including our mushroom powders and mushroom capsules are certified Organic by the Soil Association and we feel this reflects our commitment to quality, health and environmental sustainability.

Why Organic?

It's been highlighted that Organic foods have many benefits versus non-organic, most recently with a study that showed much higher antioxidant content in organic versus non-organic produce. Organic standards do not permit animal testing, GM practices, manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers. Hydrogenated fats, artificial colours and preservatives are all banned under Organic standards. Organic food is all fully traceable too - so you know what you are consuming, and the Soil Association symbol means foods and products have been produced to the highest standards.

It is really important when choosing Mushroom supplements that they are Organic. Mushrooms are very porous, and absorb everything from their environment- both good and bad- meaning they can easily absorb pesticides, fungicides, heavy metals and other toxins used in non-organic growing and can accumulate toxins. This does not happen with organic mushrooms.

"If you do not know where the mushroom products you are consuming are grown, think twice before eating them."

- Paul Stamets

Know your Shrooms

It's extremely important to know where your mushrooms are coming from- where they are grown and the standards is vital. At Mushrooms For Life we work with reputable growers from around the globe, our founder Martin has developed relationships with these growers over many years.

We source our organic mushrooms from places where they are traditionally cultivated, grown and used- with our mushroom powders and mushroom extracts coming from all over the globe, including North America, Asia and even Siberia.

We work with organic farms who specialise in the growth of organic mushrooms in their natural habitat. They are experts in the extraction process which means our extracts are pure and nutrient-dense. For some mushrooms the growth medium is very important for them to have a lot of their benefits.

Our chaga mushroom is wildcrafted and grows on Birch Trees in Siberia which is where it draws a lot of its nutrients from, our Reishi mushroom powder and spores are grown on Duanwood and come from the Lonquan district- the home of Reishi mushroom.

We are transparent about where are mushrooms are grown and our organic certification, as we believe these standards are vital when choosing a mushroom supplement. Our growers are tested, and all our mushroom powders are sent for third party testing to ensure there are no contaminants. This ensures we bring the highest quality and purest mushroom supplements to you