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Cordyceps Beetroot Latte

  • Mushroom for Energy
  • Mushroom for Exercise

Mushroom drinks have been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine for their potential anti-ageing, stress reducing, and energy supporting properties. Our Mushroom Lattes are a great alternative to regular coffee lattes. Mushrooms naturally contain antioxidants, are adaptogenic, non-irritating on the digestion, and are also immune boosting, making them a fantastic addition to your daily routine. 

Meet the Mushroom

Cordyceps is popular among athletes and active individuals for its ability to increase energy levels and improve physical performance. Known for its wide range of health-promoting properties, cordyceps has become a sought-after natural remedy for various ailments. 


Also known as the ‘Emperor’s mushroom’, cordyceps features many health-promoting properties including aerobic benefits. The first people to discover cordyceps’ benefits initially observed animals eating the mushroom and growing strong in the process. Farmers and herders began to use cordyceps in powder form to make tonics and teas to promote strength and vitality. 

Active Ingredients 

  • Beetroot: Rich in dietary nitrates to support stamina and endurance (1). 
  • Cacao: Rich in beneficial nutrients and beneficial for cardiovascular health (2).
  • Coconut Milk: Rich in medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), a type of fat used as a source of fuel.

Benefits: Why you should use it?

  • Energy: Studies show increases in oxygen uptake, aerobic capacity, and resistance to fatigue. Cordyceps can naturally support energy levels. 
  • Sports Performance: Studies show one of the key ways cordyceps enhances energy levels is by increasing the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that stores and transfers energy within cells, helping to improve energy levels, and reduce fatigue. Beetroot juice has been shown to improve endurance by increasing efficiency, time to exhaustion and may improve performance at maximum oxygen uptake (3).

Product Info:

We blend Organic cordyceps with beetroot and cacao for a delicious earthy coffee alternative, perfect to give you a lift in balanced energy that will last without the afternoon slump. A powerful and delicious pre-workout blend to warm and strengthen your body. 

Fungi Fact

Cordyceps made headlines in 1993 after Chinese athletes smashed many track and field world records claiming the secret to their enhanced performance was the cordyceps mushroom the team had been using.