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Myco Synergy (Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi, Maitake, Tremella, Shiitake)

  • Mushrooms for All-round support
  • Mushrooms for Immunity

Meet the Mushrooms

Mushrooms are all around us, they are the true communicators in nature. Medicinal mushrooms have been used globally for thousands of years for their health benefits and can provide the missing link to support our health and well-being. Each medicinal mushroom has its own unique set of compounds to support health. We combine 6 of the most well-known and revered medicinal mushrooms in this comprehensive formula for overall wellbeing. Mushrooms would have been consumed this way traditionally to enhance their synergy.


Mushrooms have a long history of therapeutic use in many cultures around the world. The use of medicinal mushrooms dates to when records began, and they have been used by cultures around the world to support health. They contain some of the most powerful active nutrients known and are ideally suited to the health issues we are faced with in modern times. 

Benefits: Why you should use it?

This product is rich in mushrooms which have a diversity of actions, here are just some of the key benefits:

  • Immunity: Mushrooms are known for their potential to enhance the immune system. They contain beta-glucans, a type of polysaccharide that has been shown to activate white blood cells, making them stronger and more efficient fighters against diseases (1). Research has shown cordyceps’ increases the production of protective immune cells, and enhances immune response. Maitake has been shown to have beneficial effects on the immune system (2), and potent antiviral action. 
  • Cognitive Health: Studies have found it stimulates production of nerve growth factor (NGF) which helps to maintain the neurons, which are the brain cells responsible for helping us to process and transmit information, supporting learning and memory. Studies suggest tremella may improve memory, and enhance cognition in those with subjective cognitive impairment. 
  • Adaptogen: Reishi and cordyceps are adaptogens which help to bring balance to the body. Studies have shown participants were better able to withstand stress when they took cordyceps compared to when they didn’t.
  • Inflammation: Reishi is rich in triterpenes which have strong anti-inflammatory properties (3). Tremella also has notable anti-inflammatory properties, rich in antioxidants and a potential therapeutic agent for oxidative-stress associated skin diseases and ageing (4).

Key Actives

This blend is rich in a wide-range of beneficial compounds, some of the key ones include:

  • Beta-glucans: This blend of mushrooms is rich in beta-glucans and other polysaccharides, studies have highlighted their ability to modulate immune function. 
  • Triterpenoids: They have been reported to be hepatoprotective, anti-histaminic, and be valuable for cardiovascular health amongst other actions (5). 
  • Antioxidants: Act as a protective shield, safeguarding our cells from damage (6). 
  • Adenosine: Central to energy metabolism, it is needed to make ATP which is the body’s energy currency and is depleted during physical exercise. 
  • Hericenones: These compounds are believed to contribute to lion’s manes cognitive-enhancing properties. 

Product Info

Our Myco Synergy contains Pure Grade extracts of organic lion’s mane, reishi, maitake, shiitake and tremella alongside a full-spectrum biomass of organic cordyceps. This blend contains a minimum of 20% beta glucans and polysaccharides to support immunity. 

Our Myco Blends contain Pure Grade extracts that guarantee 100% concentrated mushroom without binders. Pure Grade is the hallmark of the highest quality mushroom supplements 

How to use

Capsules: Adults take 2 capsules, 1-3 times a day with or without food or try adding the powder from the capsules into a smoothie. 

Powder: Take 1g 1-4 times a day. It has a mild flavour. You can make a tea/coffee alternative using the powder, or add it to your hot drinks, smoothies and breakfast bowls.


When is the best time to take it? : It can be taken any time of day, though as it contains cordyceps may be better taken first thing or pre-workout for a boost.

Are there any side effects? : Risk of side effects is reportedly low, some users may experience mild side effects with certain mushrooms such as nausea, diarrhoea, dry mouth, or stomach discomfort.

Are there any interactions? : We would advise anyone on any medication, or those who are pregnant/breastfeeding to check with their healthcare practitioner. These mushrooms can interact with anti-coagulants, anti-diabetic medication, blood pressure medication, and immunosuppressants. 

Do you test the product? : Yes, it is third party tested, COA are available on request 

Why do you source from China? : The use of medicinal mushrooms was a cornerstone in Traditional Chinese Medicine and this practice dates back thousands of years. No country has more extensive knowledge than China in the growing and extraction of mushrooms. China is also home to some of the vastest and most pristine forests in the world, which provide the ideal environment for mushrooms to grow. It is universally agreed, through ongoing DNA analysis, that China continue to grow the best quality mushrooms in the world.