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Maitake (Grifola frondosa) 

  • Mushroom for Immunity
  • Mushroom for Blood Sugar Balance

Mushrooms are all around us, they are the true communicators in nature. Medicinal mushrooms have been used globally for thousands of years for their health benefits and can provide the missing link to support our health and well-being. Each medicinal mushroom has its own unique set of compounds to support health, let’s learn more about maitake:

Meet the Mushroom

Maitake means ‘Dancing Mushroom’ in Japanese, the name highlights peoples joy at finding it in the wild as this fungi boasts some impressive health benefits. Maitake is found growing in clusters at the base of trees, in particular oak trees, typically during late summer and early autumn. They often appear in the same place each year. 


Maitake has been prized in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has been used throughout Japanese history for its delicious flavour and longevity properties. It was said to support the immune system, balance blood sugar, and bring vitality when taken regularly. It is highly regarded clinically for its powerful immunomodulatory effects.

Benefits: Why you should use it? 

  • Immunity: Maitake has been shown to have beneficial effects on the immune system (1), and potent antiviral action.
  • Blood Sugar Balance: Small clinical studies note a reduction in blood sugar levels.
  • PCOS: Studies suggest that maitake extract alone may induce ovulation in PCOS patients and may be useful as an adjunct therapy for patients who failed first-line clomiphene citrate (CC) treatment. 

Key Actives 

  • Beta-glucans: The principal active compounds in maitake mushroom are its polysaccharide components like beta-glucans which support the immune system.
  • MD-Fraction and D-Fraction: Have been shown to stimulate the immune system and activate immune cells (2).

Product Info

Our Organic Maitake is a 100% fruiting body extract of maitake grown in Qingyuan province, under nature-identical conditions on rice and wood chips.

It is hot-water extracted (Up to 12:1 extract ratio) to release and concentrate its polysaccharides including beta-glucans. It has a minimum of 30% beta-glucans to support immunity.

Our Pure Grade range of extracts are regarded as practitioner quality and contain the highest levels of active compounds. It is common for mushroom capsules and powders to use ‘drinks grade’ extracts that contain a high level of maltodextrin to help encapsulation, and to taste sweeter to the palate. Pure Grade is the hallmark of the highest quality mushroom supplements. 

How to use

Capsules: Adults take 2 capsules, 1-3 times a day with or without food, or try adding the powder from the capsules into a smoothie/soup. 

Powder: Take 1g 1-4 times a day. Maitake has a rich, bitter flavour. You can add it to your coffee, or add it to savoury soups/stews for a rich broth.


When is the best time to take it? : Unlike some other mushrooms maitake can be taken at any time of day. Regular consumption of maitake can help you take advantage of its health benefits.

Are there any interactions? : Maitake might lower blood sugar and blood pressure levels, so taking it along with diabetes or blood pressure medications might cause these to drop too low and is not advised. We would advise anyone on any medication or those who are pregnant/breastfeeding to check with their healthcare practitioner.

Are there any side effects? : Risk of side effects is reportedly low, but it can interact with certain medications.

Do you test the product? : Yes, it is third party tested, COA are available on request.

Why do you source from China? : The use of medicinal mushrooms was a cornerstone in Traditional Chinese Medicine and this practice dates back thousands of years. No country has more extensive knowledge than China in the growing and extraction of mushrooms. China is also home to some of the vastest and most pristine forests in the world, which provide the ideal environment for mushrooms to grow. It is universally agreed, through ongoing DNA analysis, that China continue to grow the best quality mushrooms in the world.

Combine with

Maitake can be taken on its own or combined with other supplements and functional foods for synergistic effects. For example, pairing it with elderberry or acerola to support the immune system. Additionally, combining it with chromium or cinnamon to support blood sugar balance.

Fungi Fact

Maitake can often grow to 20 inches in diameter and weight more than 20kg earning it the title of ‘King of Mushrooms’.